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Pussy Riot

The Buddhist response to Pussy Riot is quite straightforward, isn't it, given there is no such thing as blasphemy? Why not send them a message of support? read more

Debt: Forgive and Forget?

Storm clouds continue to gather in the eurozone, with some calling for a 'biblical-style jubilee' to cancel outstanding loans. Is dropping the Greek debt the Buddhist thing to do? read more

Greek Tragedy

It looked increasingly likely, last week, that Greece would exit the euro. Are we looking in the wrong place for a solution to the crisis? read more

Suicidal Societies

Is there a difference between Yemeni and Syrian suicide bombers and Tibetan self-immolators? read more

Elections, Islamophobia and Austerity

Elections take place across Europe this weekend, against a backdrop of austerity, Islamophobia and falling Governments. How do we respond? read more

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