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From Buddhist economics to a new Dharma politics

Part IV of a review-article on Vaddhaka Linn's, 'The Buddha on Wall Street', first published at the Western Buddhist Review. read more

Bread and Circuses

Did the Olympics simply serve 'the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace' or was there some higher purpose? read more

‘History is Made at Night’

What does "the most dangerous philosopher in the West" have to say about Buddhism? How does it relate to our current economic and political crises? read more

Elections, Islamophobia and Austerity

Elections take place across Europe this weekend, against a backdrop of austerity, Islamophobia and falling Governments. How do we respond? read more

The proper place for religion in British public life

Fascinating conversation between Richard Dawkins and Will Hutton about faith and the State in Sunday's Observer - so I thought I'd join in. read more

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