Yes, it’s just me at the moment! My name means ‘gentle, charming, pleasing lion (like the Buddha)’. I’m a member of the Triratna (‘three jewels’) Buddhist Order. I’m based at the London Buddhist Centre (although the usual disclaimer applies – these are my views and opinions, rather than the LBC’s).

Triratna is a worldwide Buddhist movement. It was founded by Urgyen Sangharakshita, whose exposition of the Dharma is the clearest and most relevant that I have found. Sangharakshita is a controversial figure in some quarters; all I can say is my involvement with his movement, which started in 2004, has been the most meaningful and enjoyable time of my life. And my life up to that point wasn’t bad!

I’ve been interested in politics since school. Graduating from university, I worked as an environmental consultant for fourteen years, before dedicating my working life to Buddhist causes.

Since becoming a Buddhist I’ve wrestled with the seeming tension between withdrawal from, and engagement with, the world around me. In 2009, when I was ordained, I saw more clearly that this is only an apparent rather than an actual conflict. These pages are my way of explaining why and how Buddhism and current affairs can go together, how the creative tension between them can shine a light on both, and how much a Dharmic perspective, and Buddhist practices, have to contribute to our crumbling and re-emerging society.

Do get involved in this critically important – and, I hope, engaging and enjoyable – conversation.

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